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14 August 2008

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Radhanagar Beach
17 April 2007

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8 January 2007

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A place to preach, Abroad.
18 September 2006

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Playing Colors
6 September 2006

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Group dancing clips in rain
1 September 2006

Recent Comments

shobha Pillai on A place to preach, Abroad.
Stunning work, Srini

Krunal on Water Transportation
awesome shot

Sunil on Rescue
Waw.....U got it man.. This is really good one. The tone really gives the feel. Sunil

Sunil on The Havelock
Beautiful capture. Good composition. Sunil

Sunil on Buried in Solitude
Good contrast Sunil

Sunil on The Drift
This is an amazing shot. I love the tone too. Good capture. Sunil

Vinay on Good Evening America! Greetings from cape cod
Hello Srinivas, the photograph is too good.. the horizon is so clear and the boat adds more value to the photograph.

Barbara on Tempest
Excellent timing. Not an easy capture. Colorful sky.

Massimo Belloni on The Ethereal Light
Surreal, ethereal and beautiful.

Bloem on Tempest
WoW....right time, right moment!

Bloem on Rangoli and Kites
What a beautilul colors, a big smile when a see this photo:-)

DarkElf on Tempest
spectacular lightning! i love the colour of illuminated clouds...

Inés on Water Transportation
Une certaine fragilité se dégage de cette photo, on s'attend à chaque instant que ...

Paolo Micheli on The Drift
This could be a fine place to go at retirement age. I would lookat this picture over and over. Paolo

Paolo Micheli on The Elephant Beach
This picture is cool. Good subject, and wonderful clear water. Paolo

danthro on Water Transportation
nice shot!

Denis on Water Transportation
makes you wonder where they're going

Siegfried Becker on Water Transportation

Olaide on Water Transportation
very sweet, good image.

Cuentos on Water Transportation
It’s like an old postcard, but the emotions are fresh. I don’t know if the people are happy or sad, because ...

Pallavi on Water Transportation
Hey Srinu, really cool picture...nice photography

{H} creatives on Water Transportation
Beautiful work! Very nicely executed...

KM Faisal on Water Transportation
Hey Srinivas,nice work

Damon Schreiber on Water Transportation
Hey there! Sorry I'm so late in commenting on the last of the water series - I seem to have gotten caught up in ...

KM Faisal on Water Transportation
great great great...

KM Faisal on Radhanagar Beach
nice shot

Evi on Buried in Solitude
Lovely place and composition!

Kheoh Yee Wei on Water Transportation
Nice shot!

Evie on Water Transportation
That boat looks crowded. Nice cultural documentary.

Evie on Save Water
Nice light and composition. Well executed idea.

Evie on Splash

Zing on Water Transportation
Nice tones, great work!

Alfredo J. Martiz J. on Water Transportation
Wonderful, beautiful tones, excellent framing and treatment!

Stunner on Water Transportation
Great shot!

Damon Schreiber on Save Water
A lovely way to illustrate a valuable message. Great work!

Daroru on Water Transportation
A very interesting image!

Duncan Galbraith on Water Transportation
Damn thats fine! Your framing is perfect and the treatment is nothing less than stellar.

Stu on Water Transportation
Hey Srinivas, love the lighting and the colour treatment here. A well balanced and crisp shot.

H.O on Save Water
nice idea :)

H.O on Splash
Beautiful shot :)

filipe franco on Save Water
wow...I really love the atmosphere and mood in this one, lovely shot.!

Yvon on Save Water
I like this shot and think it's well done! Good title.

badala on Save Water
Very nice work...appropriately titled.

Zing on Save Water
A great reminder to save water, nice message to go along with the interesting shot.

Duncan Galbraith on Save Water
Very cool. applause for your approach also Srinivas, the message seems obvious but we (I) tend to forget more often ...

Daroru on Save Water
I hate to ask this, but where is that water coming from?

Alfredo J. Martiz J. on Splash

Alfredo J. Martiz J. on Save Water
Nice message, the composition is great, I think the result is nice!

Kairospix on Save Water
good composition, lighting and intrepreataion of the theme :)

Soodabeh on Save Water
Good idea! Nice shot!

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