Srinivas Koduri

About Srinivas Koduri

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.
--Aaron Siskind

As a child i used to love nature and always fascinated by good pictures that portray nature. I was born and brought up in a beautiful coastal city Visakhapatnam (shortly vizag) in india. It was in my teens, i had my first camera for preserving memories, it is a National C-300EF with 38mm lens. Though the purpose of getting it is to take pictures of friends and family i started trying to capture nature without knowing the basics of photography. My passion for capturing nature germinated during 3rd of college when i went on a tour around india with friends.

After graduation i moved to Maine, US in fall 2000 and it was my dreamland. It was the stunning beauty of that place made my passion to grow further. I could'nt resist to take pictures that i started buying use and throw cameras to photograph fall colors in maine. I used my roommate's Olympus camera during winter 2000/spring 2001. I bought a canon sureshot 65 zoom (38mm-65mm) in summer 2001. it was my buddy till spring 2005 until i got my first digital camera sony cybershot dsc-p93a, photography is more easy and less expensive for me after that. i had a good time photographing untill i lost it in fall 2005. Since february 2006 iam with Sony DSC-S600 and taking good care of it. I never got a chance to use a SLR camera untill I recently went to a couple of self-organized field trips with my buddy. I do know the basics of SLR photography though i dont own one.

The only thing under my control so far was "how i do compose" my pictures. In my opinion to take good photographs you dont need a good camera, you need imagination of the end product and timing. I have to mention about this artice on "What photography Is'nt" by Michael Reichmann that i came across. My views on photography are exactly the same. The art of the photography is by definition that of exclusion, I believe that it is appropriate to use the power of the digital tools available to exclude items. And when we dont have photographic equipment it is again appropriate to use the power of digital dark room techniques to get the desired end product. I use adobe photoshop and other digital tools extensively for post processing. It only matters how you present your work to the audience while limiting you digital dark room skills to only legitimacy from creating fantasy.

I will goto a DSLR when i think iam professional enough and earn enough. I started photoblogging on my journey towards a pro photographer. Nature and Landscape Photography turns me on. I like to shoot in Rain, Sunrise, Sunset, Rainbows and other natural phenomena. Series on indian festivals, spitritual india are to do. I will do commercial/fashion photography if i get a chance. I built a lightbox at home with help of my dad to understand and experiment studio lighting.

I will add more here while i progress in my life as a photographer.

Hail the art.